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Friday, December 2, 2011

Welcome To Our Class Blog

     In an attempt to be in better communication with the families of my students, I have created this blog containing pertinent information about homework, educational support links, coming events, as well as a closer look into the topics and curriculum that are impacting these children at school.
     After my first few weeks, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the unique qualities, personality traits, and interests/motivations of these wonderful third grade students.  Looking ahead, I hope to gain an even better grasp on the needs and strengths of each child so that I might be able to better prepare myself to challenge and motivate them in the coming trimesters.
     Each week I will post new homework to be printed, completed, and turned in by each student. Homework is always due the first of the week (Monday usually). Please try to click on the homework documents (right column) to see if you can print them for use. If you cannot print them for any reason, I have sent a letter home where you can indicate that you need me to print them for your child. I am happy to do that, I just need to know from you as soon as possible.
     If you have any additional questions please email me at

Please feel free to add your own postings to this blog, but make sure to take into account that this is public access, and we want to make sure that everything stated is appropriate for viewing. 

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