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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Homework Clarification

I apologize that our first week of homework, using the links on this blog, has been so confusing and frustrating for many of you. I am working hard to smooth this process out, making it something useful, efficient, and supportive for everyone.
To clarify, homework is always due on Monday, unless there is no school. In that case it will be due on the following day of school (Tuesday in most cases). 
Spelling and Vocabulary words for the entire winter trimester can be found by clicking on the link found in the right column, and then selecting the current week of school from the folder (it appears as two dates signifying the beginning and the end of the homework week e.g. Dec. 5- Dec. 12). Spelling (Sp) and vocabulary (Vocab) documents are printable from home. The spelling provides Tic-Tac-Toe activities for the students to work on. You will notice that the vocabulary and corresponding spelling documents have numbers indicating the specific unit of instruction. For example,  Sp 11 (Dec. 12- Jan. 3) is connected to the document Vocab (11-15) because the 11 is the unit of instruction. Therefore, select the appropriate spelling document dates and corresponding vocabulary unit number words each week to focus on with your child.
My goal is to update the Writing and Math homework every weekend, so that it is available Monday morning for the new week of school.
Thanks for your patience and understanding. 


  1. Hey - this is Romy's mother, Laura. I tried going to the vocab (11-15) but when I went there, the page was not viewing properly and it was broken up. When I tried to go to print preview, it only showed the first 1/3ish part of it as going to be able to print. I was also wondering where the Weekly Homework cover sheet is. I did not see the math either and as Romy did not come home with any of this, I just thought we were supposed to come here, which I am completely fine with and I think it is easier anyways. If we are unable to print the following: Vocab sheet/Weekly HW Cover Sheet/Math homework, would you please be abkle to send Romy home with them tomorrow (Wednesday)? Thanks. My email addy is .

  2. Okay - so I figured out that I needed to install Google Chrome before the Vocab page would print properly. I have SPELLING TIC TAC TOE and VOCAB but nothing else.

  3. Don't see the math for the due date of 1/17 nor challenge spelling words. Looking for your email. If there could be a quick link to easily email you from this site, it would be appreciated. As the math homework is due on Monday and the spelling test is tomorrow, it would be really nice to have them here if they are not going to be in his backpack for whatever reason.