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Monday, April 7, 2014

Weather Report Project

Extreme Weather Presentation Project:

I have chosen ____________________________ as the topic of my Extreme Weather Presentation Project.


Using books/articles from the classroom and library, along with the following websites, complete your research on the severe weather of your choice. At school we will be working on completing a thoughtful beginning (introduction) and ending (conclusion) to support the research gathered. You may also do research at home.
Here are a couple good websites you may want to check out:


Using the graphic organizer (previous homework) to organize the information you gathered during your research, summarize your learning in a report. This report will serve as your oral presentation. Students will present their project to the class, sharing the information in a clear confident manner. For the second part of the project, you will need to find a way to showcase your weather in an interesting and visual way. Ideas include:
Create a slideshow/PowerPoint/imovie
Create a poster, display board or collage
Make a model/ demonstration (needs to include a poster)
Create a safety brochure for people who might be affected by your severe weather

Visual Criteria:

Needs to include a title for your weather
Needs to include at least 4 headings or sub-headings
Needs to include any 3 or more of the following: pictures, photographs, illustrations, or diagrams
Needs to include at least 1 caption
Needs to demonstrate an efficient and organized use of space, while being visually pleasing
Needs to connect closely to presentation facts, while enhancing the information for the audience in a visual way

Projects will be due in class Monday, April 14th. Presentation dates and times will be assigned, beginning Monday and continuing throughout the week (ending on Friday, April 18th).    

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